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Located on the far southwest corner of the US, getting to San Diego can be somehow tricky.  Its downtown airport location limits the number of international flights and the railroad is almost absent in this part of the country.
  Flying from Europe.  Let's be honest, there are no direct flight from Europe to San Diego except this canadian company, Zoom Airlines, which was supposed to assure a daily London Gatewick - San Diego but I believe went to bankruptcy before the inauguration flight!
If you don't mind a layover on East coast, the cheapest solution ($700, 500 Euros) should be a one connection flight. The best is having your connection in LA, so your second flight is only 30min long.  
I do not recommend having LAX as you finale airport destination. Indeed, traffic in Los Angeles is the worst on earth (darn dirty city!) and you'd be ending up by 3 hours in traffic. Anyway, If you still want to favor this solution because a lot of companies offer direct flight at reasonable price (Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, United, Continental...), you should think of renting a car or use the coastal train (see Surfliner below).

UPDATE for French travelers! (Nov 15)

Meilleur prix jusqu'ici: 560 Euros TTC Paris- San Diego, aller-retour avec escale dans le midwest (Mineapolis ou Detroit) avec Northwest Airlines. Cliquez Opodo voyages


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National low cost deserving SD:  
If you're looking to fly cheap, Southwest will be your best bet.
Virgin America has also connections to SD fr very decent price, e.g: San Francisco - San Diego one way for $39 if booked ahead of time!
    The Pacific Surfliner    

The easiest and nicest way for traveler to reach San Diego  from downtown LA. This coastal train goes along the beautiful coast of southern california and is reasonably cheap.
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